Loft Town is a place for kids at Centerpoint Church and home to the Discovery Day Camp. Since 2014, we've used the loft space to entertain over 2000 kids each year. It's a great place to play, to make friends and to learn about God. Since 2014, Loft town has hosted hundreds of weekly kids events, hundreds of camp days, Sunday morning kids church and many birthday parties. Loft Town, 'You gotta check this place out!'

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Town Theatre

Completed on MarH 6, 2020, 'TOWN THEATRE' is our newest addition to Loft Town. With a old town theatre facade that invites you in, make sure to get your tickets before you enter. Inside you'll find cube seating and a puppet stage ready for performances. The kids will love this addition for creative free play.

The Original Juice Box

The Original Juice Box was completed in 2016. During camp days, we serve all kinds of fun juice blends to the kids for only 25 cents per cup. This is a fun way to sit down and chat about the day while hydrating. The Juice is a mini cafe area also used for birthday parties with tables and chairs.

The Candy Shop

Renovated in March of 2018, the Candy Shop services all of our candy needs! Grab a chocolate bar, ring pop or 10 cent candies. The shop is used for camp, Sunday mornings and for goodie bags at birthday parties. The Candy Shop 'Best Deals in Loft Town'

Town Jail

The Town Jail (Loft Town's 10th building) was built in March of 2018 and is used for 2 purposes. #1 Escape Room, #2 The jail for cops and robbers! A Loft Town favorite game!

The D-Spa

The D-Spa is Loft Town's 9th building. It features a stunning front window with display, 4 neat little lounge chairs, a fire place with mantle and a cabin style facade. Spa treatments inside include foot, facial, nails, hair and more. This building was completed in October of 2017 in time for that years Christmas Camp! Why is it called the 'D-Spa'? Its short for DDC... Spa smile... naturally!

Loft Town Fire Station

Loft Town's 8th building is attached to the Police Station and is used as the other half of the mini hockey area. You'll also find kids running in and out of the many entrances playing a game of hide and seek tag or cops and robbers. This beautiful red brick building was completed in February of 2017.

LT Police Department

Built in February of 2017, Loft Town's 7th, is a building that is currently attached to the Fire Station and is used for mini hockey.


The Arcade is Loft Town's 6th building as what part of a major build in January - February of 2017. The Arcade includes 2 xboxes and tv's for kids to enjoy.

Discovery Post

This beautiful brick building has a unique facade with 2 yellow window/flower boxes and pot lights highlighting its features. It also has 2 arch openings on the side for kids to crawl through and slide into. We also have our very own mailbox in case you would like to mail your letters to 'Who knows where?'. This is Loft Town's 5th building and was built in March of 2016 for that years spring camp.


The LOFT which was built in October of 2015 (Loft Town's 4th building) includes a quaint craft area below and a second story above with a slide. The second story is a great place to hang out and hide during hide and seek games. It also has the best view in Loft Town! This is Loft Town's tallest structure at a WHOPPING 125 inches.

The Lego Warehouse

The warehouse was built in April of 2015 for summer camp that year. The building includes a lego table with tonnes of lego to build whatever the kids like. There is also an attached slide/ramp to slide down and race cars.

Loft Town Toy Co.

This beautiful yellow building with red and white awnings was built in March of 2015 for that years Spring Camp. This is the second building built in Loft Town. The building became our first Candy Shop but later turned into the Toy Co. The building has a great feature front window with long flower box. The inside includes big games such as Skee Ball, Giant Connect 4 and Giant Jenga! New additions coming soon!

Foam Pit

The Foam Pit is the first Loft Town building which was built in October of 2014 and completely rebuilt in May of 2019. At one point, we had 2 big couches pushed together with pillows stacked on top. The kids loved to jump into it and be thrown. We decided to create a safer and more creative way to allow kids to jump, flip and be thrown with this structure. Today's foam put it officially the tallest structure in Loft Town!

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